OMR Flats

Brand Asvini - Strength

United we stand: We have shattered the myth that a floating population of employees is a normal state of affairs - We, at Asvini, are a team of 50 professionals today, in contrast to just 4 at the time of its inception. Under the Asvini banner, we, alongwith our directors Mr. Sivagurunathan and Ms. Aarti Razee, assist and collaborate with one another to take Asvini to dizzying heights of success.

Harbingers of good tidings: Homes have a major impact on the occupant's mental and physical well - being. The sciences of Vaasthu, Feng Shui, Kan Yu have recognized this since ancient times. Whether it is because we make an effort to adhere to the principles of good construction, or because of the positivity we bring to our work, it has been our experience that Lady Luck always smiles on our constructions. Our clients keep sharing their experiences of how auspicious and long - awaited events have happened in their families after they have moved into our homes....

Foresight: We have time and again witnessed quick development of the areas in which we have undertaken construction projects. This has always led to unprecedented value appreciation of our client's investment, in addition to providing them with every facility right at their door - step by the time their home is ready for occupation.

True value never goes out of style. Therein lies our prime strength we construct enduring and enchanting homes to suit the needs of modern living, giving our customers a never before blend of physical comfort and peace of mind.

Our Corporate Commitment:

  • We will give our best everyday to improve our organization.
  • We will be loyal to the chair from which we are operating.
  • We will not be a white elephant to our organization.
  • We will strive to systemize every part of our work and monitor the same.
  • We will ensure not to repeat mistakes.
  • We will prioritize our work by advancing what is important and rescheduling what is urgent.
  • We commit to work as a team and motivate each other to peak performances.
  • We will not accept anything less than the best and its what we give back to you.